Thursday, May 3, 2007

I got Tagged Again!

Wow! This is keeping me on my toes. So I got tagged by Stamp Your Heart Out I just love her tutorial she did for a Scrapcard you so gotta make one! They are super fun and I've gotten some big WOWS with it!

So hmmm 7 things about me you don't know

1- I'm the second youngest of 5 children, 3 brothers and 1 sister .

2- I grew up in Idaho and Utah, and since being married have lived in Utah, Idaho, Las Vegas, Houston, and Georgia. I'm wondering what will be next? My husband keeps getting me closer to Florida and I'm terrified of Natural Disasters. That is where he would LOVE to live.

3-I love to play poker and sometimes I feel like I'm pretty good. But I hate gambling so its a double edged sword. I HATE loosing money for any reason (don't we all?) So slot machines are out and it's funny cuz I actually won $50 once in one. But I would have actually won 10 times more if I would have actually played the full amount.. :(

4- I studied Interior Design in College in Salt lake city, Ut. I loved the program so much, and had aspirations to major in Drafting..

5- I met my husband during that following summer while hanging out with some roommates playing pool at our apartment. I thought he was so HOT! He thought I was seeing someone else, (Hello, I Wasn't!-just a friend) So we finally figured things out and started dating. We were soon announcing our engagement to family and friends.

6-I'm an outgoing person and have a tendency to talk to strangers while waiting in line at the store.. Most are pretty receptive :)

7- I was the children's music director in my church for almost 2 years. What a big job!!

Okay so, so many people are being tagged I wanted to find someone who hasn't been tagged yet. and I was browsing this morning and saw this great blog, Check it out-
Stamping Therapy!