Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Baroque {Case}

I absolutely LOVE the new Fall~Winter Collection, not to mention the beautiful cards and layouts! So I just HAD to re-create the beautiful card on the cover using what I had. I just love it so much, and of course I had to use my sewing machine to sew the border. So even though its a repeat, I hope you enjoy and have a great day!!


TheDvineMissM said...

Very beautiful! The colors are great! I bought one of those small crafty sewing machines to use on my cards, but the directions were in a "different" SEWING language and I just don't get it. Soooooo...I love how you used the sewing accent here :O) Thanks for sharing!

Dottie K said...

This is lovely. I have to get this set. :)

Kerry said...

I am using the Baroque stamp on my bathroom walls! Painted a creamy vanilla color and then dipping the stamp into clear poly and stamping on the wall--that's the plan anyway! When it turns out, I'll send you a picture. Be patient, we're just now getting ready to gut the bathroom. Our house is 112 years old, so there should be a few surprises.