Monday, October 29, 2007

Problem Solved!

Okay so you know that little fake skin problem I was having.. Well I figured it out and boy did I get my DH good!! I mixed up some Vaseline and cornstarch made it into this super fun to play with paste and applied a huge glob of it to my hand. I then proceeded to cover it with Halloween makeup and made it look really bruised and gross! I was searching and searching for my fake blood when I just decided to go for the good old standard- Ketchup. I slit open my "wound" and applied some ketchup.. I then went downstairs to where my DH was playing nicely on his xbox 360 and went into the back storage room where I pretended to be looking for something when all of a sudden I hit the wall really hard and started calling for him very frantically.. He came running and boy was the look on his face priceless. He really thought I'd been wounded until I started laughing.. A little cruel, I admit- but it was really good. I failed however, to get a picture of it cuz it was scaring my little one so I showed her how fun it was to take it all off..