Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sweet Baby

A friend just had her sweet little girl this week so I wanted to make a card for her.. I can't wait to see her, her big sister is just absolutely darling and I'm sure she will be too! I couldn't resist using my new "All in the Family" set and just got started from there.. Here are a few pictures of my new stamp space. In the last 2 houses we have lived in I have been blessed to have a very large stamping room. However in our new place that is somewhat smaller (thank goodness-big houses are hard to clean) I have what I would compare to a walk in closet, and since it's just off the master bedroom that name could really apply. It's quite small, but since I just got some new shelving yesterday I've been miraculously able to make it ALL work, and I think I like this space the BEST! I'm going to get me a mat for the floor and a little swivel chair and then I'll be able to just turn and grab whatever I need.. I'm really VERY happy with it and lately have just been finding myself in here just sitting. Maybe its for the quiet or maybe just cuz I like it so much.. Hugs,


Kay said...

I just love your stamp space! Is that window fantastic or what! Sometimes smaller is better, especially with a swivel chair so you can turn and scoot to whatever you need. I need a baby baptism card for tomorrow -- your cute card just reminded me. Hope mine turns our half as well as your lovely card.

shelleymc44 said...

I love it! U are so together when it comes to organization! You could make it work in a box! I have just as much space (if not more)and it doesn't look this great! Love you! Shelley

corinnesomerville said...

I'm soooooo jealous of your stamp space !!! It's gorgeous !!! Enjoy it, sweetie :)

Mechelle Welch - Owner said...

Hey Babe
Those pictures are awsome
You are quite amazing
Love ya shell

Mike, Karen & Josh said...

Love your room! So bright and cheery. I hope it isn't always that clean though.

Thanks for hanging out with me on your vacation, I had a blast, and your mom is right... you are SO talented!