Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So I haven't been hangin' around the Blogs lately. Nor have I been creating that much for that matter. But I did get a burst of Inspiration the other night when my kids had been especially naughty and I took a "mommy time out" I dropped the kids off with my mom and headed over to my local craft store for some die cutting. If you buy their products you can use their dies for free.. Therefore, I spent a little (very little) money on some mat board and got to work. When I got back to my Crafting Space I had lots to go on and put together a fun book to preserve my families memories of our summer activities in.
We had gone Camping earlier this summer and I found the perfect paper to use.. But instead of doing the "typical" scrapbook I just had to do it my way- just a little different!! (Kinda sounds like me too!)

Oh and since I've been out of it for sooooo long, I'd LOVE to hear from my patient blog friends-

So Here you have it!


Tara said...

very cute!!! I love that paper...I bought some too, it's just too cute not to have!
loved the album and your spin on it! you haven't lost your touch!