Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Diaries of a Preschool Stamper

Today Bailey broke her way into Stamping. She loves to draw pictures and write notes. Especially to Grandma who is very far away. She made herself at home at my stamping table and got to work.
She was very carefull as she used my adhesive to make sure she got it just right.
This is the front view, she added some punched out flowrs and alittle of her own artwork. I drew the little pumpkin and she added eye accents and legs. She cracks me up so much with her creativity. You can't send grandma a note without saying "I love you", the artwork on the left says just that, (if you ask her!) Then of course she drew a picture for grandma.. Lucky grandma!
Then to finish off her morning, she kicked back with a drink of milk!! She makes me laugh so much, I feel so blessed to be her mom and get to share these special moments.


Stephanie said...

That is the CUTEST thing ever!!! thanks for sharing. I can't wait to do the same when my niece gets a bit older. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Bailey you are the cutest little artist. You made a beautiful card. I'm sure your Grandma is going to love it. Good Job!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well it is good to see that Bailey is keeping up with her art projects. :^)

We miss her down here in Katy. The kids ask about her all of the time. Keep in touch.

Love, Ms. Missy