Saturday, April 21, 2007

Double Line Doodle {Case}

So this is the first time I've actually used this set since Houston Reginals. I've seen so many wonderful cards and ideas but I keep putting them off thinking when we get closer to the new Catty Release I will do more with it. Well today did it for me, I was searching through Favorite Blogs and saw a gorgeous card by Kyla Maestas~Sweet Water Designs and I figured I just HAD to do something!!
I've been in sort of a "rut" lately since my move from Houston Tx. to Georgia, so I figured I would make this for a dear friend back home. I was totally inspired by Kyla's card, but changed it up a bit to accomodate the supplies I have on hand. I absolutely LOVE the whole idea of Kyla's card!


beate said...

Cased or not, it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these colors and this stamp set!

Monkey said...

That is a really awesome card!